Home automation has been an interest of mine for some time. In fact, the backstory edges on the side of embarrassing. So we might as well start there.


When 2008's Iron Man released (I know, big shock where the inspiration came from) and Jarvis was presented as Artificial Intelligence, I've had one consistant thought stuck in my mind: "How close to reality is this?"

Over the next few years, I'd take a few trips down the path of a realistic Jarvis, each subsequent attempt being more successful than the last. In fact, it would be the motivator that took me into studies of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and other related topics while in college.

Current Day

Ok that's boring. Let's get to the details. I'm reviving my classical education in AI and machine learning and crossing it with my hobbies of circuitry and making weird things while avoiding injury.

Currently my ideas include automation and pragmatic control of...

  1. Lights
  2. HVAC
  3. Security

However, I want to do this as much in the public eye as I can (thus the blog), get the community involved and hopefully together we can make something awesome. So watch this space, as I'll be documenting my progress as well as providing the code I've written along the way.

Special Thanks

  • Josh Bartz -- This is a topic that he and I have been discussing for years, Josh has been a near limitless source of ideas and inspiration
  • Adron Hall -- Adron actually sparked my drive to make this a communal effort with a couple tweets
  • Mark Kropf -- Mark has had a strong interest in home automation and has been another great source of ideas
  • Alex Klein -- Alex has been my go-to guy for anything involving circuitry and wiring. Thank him for the fact I'm not in the hospital yet.