... and welcome. Yes yes, I know. Yet another blog from Brian McClain, how many does this guy need, right? Well I actually have a plan. My other blog (old blog? I havn't decided yet) was named based on my awful Twitter handle. It was hard to remember for some, and only got referral traffic. CatDevRandom though? That's easy. I type that command at least once a week.

So what can you expect from this blog?

  1. Tech
  2. Code
  3. General hackings

Even the choice of blogging engine was done to promote this. I chose Octopress, an open source blogging framework that promotes hacking, customizing, and general tinkering.

A lot of what drove this choice was really the hosting situation. It was a lot of manual work, it constantly went down, and when I did manage some traffic, it didn't handle it well. In my current position, I hack and develop on PaaS technology, so I decided to host this on AppFog, a Cloud Foundry provider. As a big Cloud Foundry fan, this was icing on the cake

So I might move 100% of my blog here, or I might leave this be and keep my writings on my old blog, http://brianmmcclain.com, or I might keep them split. Who knows!

So what do you think? A fan of the new idea? Like the new blog? Or miss the old? The new comment system needs some traffic as well :)